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In addition to a wide range of travel vaccinations, Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic is committed to offering comprehensive health solutions for your journey. Understanding that travel health extends beyond vaccinations, we provide medication dispensing for various travel-related concerns. Our services include:


Antimalarials for malaria prevention


Medications for travelers' diarrhea (TD)


Altitude sickness medications

These services ensure that you are fully prepared for your travels, addressing both vaccination and medication needs for a safe and healthy journey.

Trusted by Travellers

Thank you to Morgan for educating us on the potential risks in the location of our travel and advising us on how to best protect ourselves while there. The Kingston Travel clinic made it easy and efficient to get the vaccines and medication needed, all at one place. I highly recommend this service!

Trusted by Travellers

I was extremely impressed by Jazmine when i did my consult. She was knowledgeable in what vaccines I needed for my trip, and advised me on what precautions to take while abroad. Will recommend the clinic to others.

Trusted by Travellers

Efficient service. I feel confident that I was given good advice about the vaccinations I needed and whether or not to use antimalarials for a recent trip.

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