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Nestled in the heart of Kingston, our clinic stands as a beacon of health and safety for all travelers. With a deep-rooted passion for travel and wellness, we embarked on a journey to create a haven where every traveler can access the highest standard of travel health services.

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Personalized Care

Every traveler’s journey is unique. We offer customized consultations that consider your health history and travel itinerary.


Expert Knowledge

Stay informed with the latest travel health advisories and vaccine recommendations from our specialists.


Competitive Pricing

Our services are priced competitively to ensure you receive top-tier travel health care without the financial strain. Benefit from our comprehensive travel health solutions, designed to fit your budget and health needs alike.


Locally Owned & Operated

Opting for Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic supports a business that’s deeply rooted in our community, setting us apart from global chains by offering personalized, local care where you’re treated like family.

Mission Statement

At Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic, our mission is to empower travelers with comprehensive health protection and knowledge at a fair price. We are dedicated to offering personalized, up-to-date travel health advice, vaccinations, and wellness support, ensuring that every journey is embarked upon with health and safety as the priority. Our commitment extends beyond the vaccination; we aim to be a beacon of trust and reliability, fostering a culture of informed and healthy travel.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to set the standard for travel health and vaccination services in Canada and beyond, cultivating a world where travel is synonymous with wellness and vitality. We aspire to be at the forefront of travel medicine, constantly innovating and expanding our services to meet the evolving health needs of global travelers. Through our efforts, we envision a community of well-informed adventurers who can explore the world’s wonders with peace of mind, knowing their health is safeguarded by the expertise of Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic.

Trusted by Travellers

Thank you to Morgan for educating us on the potential risks in the location of our travel and advising us on how to best protect ourselves while there. The Kingston Travel clinic made it easy and efficient to get the vaccines and medication needed, all at one place. I highly recommend this service!

Trusted by Travellers

I was extremely impressed by Jazmine when i did my consult. She was knowledgeable in what vaccines I needed for my trip, and advised me on what precautions to take while abroad. Will recommend the clinic to others.

Trusted by Travellers

Efficient service. I feel confident that I was given good advice about the vaccinations I needed and whether or not to use antimalarials for a recent trip.

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