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Comprehensive Travel Health Services for Safe and Healthy Adventures

At Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic, we understand that every journey and traveler is unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of services designed to meet your individual travel health needs, from essential vaccinations to bespoke health advice.From routine immunizations to specialized travel vaccines, we cover your health needs with a full spectrum of services at fair prices.

Travel Vaccinations

Embark on your next adventure with peace of mind. Our Travel Vaccinations service offers personalized immunization plans tailored to your destination, ensuring you’re protected against travel-related illnesses. From Yellow Fever to Typhoid, we’ve got your health covered.

Pre-Travel Consultations

Make your health a priority as you plan your trip. Our Pre-Travel Consultations provide you with personalized health advice, vaccinations, and travel health plans based on your specific itinerary and health history. Let us help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable journey.

Pre-Employment Health Screening

Begin your new job with confidence. Our Pre-Employment Health Screening service is designed to assess your health and fitness for the role you’re about to embark on. Ensuring you’re ready to join your new team healthy and safe.

Adult Vaccination Recommendations

Vaccinations aren’t just for children. Adults need them too, for everything from seasonal flu to protection against diseases encountered while traveling or due to age or health conditions. Our clinic provides a comprehensive guide to the vaccinations you need to stay healthy.

Begin Your Travel Health Journey Today!

Don’t let preventable illnesses interrupt your travel plans. Book a consultation at Kingston Travel Vaccination Clinic and set off with confidence.